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Angelwax NZ

Angelwax Angelwash Self Drying Shampoo


Angelwax Angelwash quickly and safely removes dirt from your vehicle’s surface and is completely self-drying after rinsing.

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Angelwax Angelwash removes dirt from your vehicle’s surface quickly and safely, by breaking down the bond. The luxurious foam gently cleans even the most delicate clear coat surface without scratching. This formula is completely self-drying after rinsing and leaves a highly reflective surface. The self-drying aspect of Angelwash ensures that the water will evaporate evenly, which prevents spotting and other watermarks that may occur when the vehicle is left to dry. As with all the Angelwax range, the pH-neutral formulation is completely wax safe, guaranteeing any wax protection you have previously applied to your vehicle will not be affected.


Available in 500ml bottles.


Directions: Add two capfuls of Angelwash to a bucket of clean, tepid water and agitate to create a creamy lather. After washing the vehicle, rinse very thoroughly with water and allow the vehicle to self-dry.

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 26 cm