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Angelwax NZ

Angelwax Resurrection Heavy Compound


Angelwax Resurrection Compound is a heavy cut polishing compound, used to correct and refine imperfections on your vehicle’s surface.

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Angelwax Resurrection Compound is a heavy cut, intensive surface polishing compound that has been formulated to remove heavy scratches, paint defects and sanding marks up to 1500 grade. Resurrection has been designed to diminish imperfections with very low dust and without sticking. Much like Angelwax’s other compounds, Regenerate is silicone free and suitable for use on all paint types.


Available in 500ml and 1 Litre bottles.


Directions: Shake well before use. Always check the compatibility and suitability of the paint surface by testing in an inconspicuous area. Apply the desired amount of polish to the Angelwax hard and heavy grade polishing pad. Use a rotary or dual action polishing machine at a maximum of 2000 rpm. Remove any remaining traces of polish with a microfibre cloth. Once the first stage is complete, continue with Angelwax Regenerate Medium Cut Compound or finish with Angelwax Redemption Ultra Fine Finishing Polish.


Top Tip: Once the final polish stage has been completed, protect the paint surface using Angelwax Ti-22 Titanium Sealant Spray and then apply wax from the Angelwax range of detailing waxes.

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500ml, 1000ml