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Race Font | Custom Lettering



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Race Font | Custom Lettering

*Tyre letters is not affiliated with and not sponsored by any of the tire manufacturers and these are not brand specific.
Our Racing tire letter kits can be ordered to spell out any message.

Racing Font Raised Letter Tire Kits

Create REAL Letter Tyres –  NO Tire Paint Pen

These are robust tire colored tire stickers that will hold up the force of a pressure washer.

Say whatever you want to be spelled out in our Deluxe Racing Font. These adhere to any tire and are PERFECT to advertise that important message or WOW your friends.

We offer the perfect way to add white letters to tyres on whatever you drive. These look great on low profile tyres (which are no longer made with raised white letters from the factory), or any size tyre you have.

We produce the custom tyre lettering kits you want based on the information you provide. Tell us the message you want to display and we will send the letters. If you want to display the name of the tyre on your vehicle but the black letters are not very bold then NO PROBLEM! Tyre Letters are 1/16″ thick and are unaffected by the textures underneath.

Each kit contains the individual rubber letters needed to letter your tyre. Also included is the patented instant adhesive that bonds our letters to your tyre. Each custom tire lettering kit will complete a single tyre. Tred Wear offers a superior alternative to tire paint pens and tyre markers. Unlike tyre paint, our lettering kits will usually last the life of your tyre.

The Tyre Letter kits are made of real rubber and have thickness. The texture on the tire will not effect them, and they have that REAL raised White letter tire look!

One kit needed PER TIRE

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18mm, 24mm, 33mm


White, Red, Green, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Gray, Pink


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