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TredWear Race Font Letters - White

TredWear Race Font Letters - White

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Our TredWear Race Font series allows you to create your very own personalised Tyre Letter message. Each letter is individual and is curved to match your tyre perfectly.

Available in letters A-Z and numbers 1-9 (no special characters or punctuation marks are available).

How to order:

  1. Choose your Tyre Letter Size (please measure your tyre sidewall to ensure you get the best size).
  2. Select how many letters you require per tyre to spell out your selected words eg: TOYO PROXES has 10 letters.
  3. The Quantity selector indicates how many times you want your Tyre Letter Word spelt out. If you want TOYO PROXES once per tyre for 4 tyres then you would select 4 in the Quantity selector. If you wanted it twice per tyre (top and bottom) for 4 tyres then you would select 8 in the Quantity selector.
  4. Type in your desired Tyre Letter words eg: TOYO PROXES
  5. Add to cart, complete checkout, and wait for your letters to arrive!

About Race Font Letters:

Get whatever you want spelt out, with our Custom Race Font Tyre Letters. These 1mm thick tyre letters adhere to any tyre and are perfect to advertise that important message or 'wow' your friends with stand out tyres. With a range of sizes and colours available, we offer the perfect way to add letters to tyres on whatever you drive. 

We make up the custom tyre letter kits you want, based on the information you provide. Tell us the message you want to display and we will send you the letters. Each kit contains the individual rubber letters needed for your tyres. Also included is the patented instant adhesive that bonds our letters to your tyres, and instructions on how to apply the tyre letters yourself at home.

*TredWear is not affiliated with and not sponsored by any of the tyre manufacturers and these are not brand specific. Our Racing tyre letter kits can be ordered to spell out any message.