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Paint Correction.

FROM $749

Producing excellent depth and shine all starts with the paint correction process. Every swirl and scratch in your paint reflects the light at a different angle and takes away from your vehicles finish. Correcting the paint involves flattening the paintwork to remove these scratches, swirls and defects to leave a smooth glossy finish. Not one process works for every vehicle so please bring your vehicle to us for an inspection and quote.

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Interior Detailing
and renovation.

FROM $249

Our interior detailing packages focus on restoring and protecting the interior of your vehicle. We will carry out dusting, vacuuming, steam cleaning all upholstery including steering wheel, door cards and peddles as well as stain removal. Dashboard buttons switches and air vents will be brush cleaned. Interior windows will be degreased and cleaned.

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Glass Paint Protection

FROM $2000

Protect your investment with the ultimate in paint protection with Quartz Glass Coatings available at Avid industries. Quartz Liquid Glass coating is baked onto the vehicle's surface after an in-depth cleaning and paint correction process. We have a range of different options available to suit your vehicle's look and type of use. Our Quartz Glass Coatings will provide you with ease of cleaning, fantastic looks by enhancing the pigments in your vehicles finish and will protect your paint and trims from the environment up to a 5 year period.
Minimum turn around time of 3 business days..

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Detail Grooming.

FROM $75

Our premium grooming services are tailored to make your car as new and clean as the day you purchased it. We offer a full range of detailing, including paint sealants and waxes to suit your budget and desired result.

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