Avid is a premier car care and detailing company with a focus on delivering an exceptional level of workmanship and service. The vision of Avid was dreamt up back in 2017, by our Founder and Owner Devon Gilchrist, with this statement: "An idea to create a community in NZ car culture to admire and be a part of NZ finest vehicles", from there Avid was born.

Avid is a brand built around the concept of the ‘why’ in vehicle ownership. We all own vehicles for different reasons, our brand is aimed at the owners who own their vehicles because they hold a special part in their lives. Avid reflects this in our branding, going back to the vintage days through to today, and honouring the history and moments vehicle ownership has given to others. These range from at home car detailing products, to high end in-house car grooming and speciality services including ceramic coating, paint protection film and window tinting. We stock only high-quality brands that we’d be happy to use on our own vehicles including Angelwax, Bigboi and Vyper Chairs. We also offer support to local businesses in the automotive industry in order to achieve and provide a like-minded customer experience.

"In the Details" is a documentary about Devon Gilchrist’s story about the beginning of Avid and what he does for Christchurch’s car community. A big thank you to Ebony and John from the Ara Institute of Canterbury for this beautifully shot documentary! Click below to watch the full documentary.

"In the Details" Documentary
Featuring - Devon Gilchrist


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A car ownership group based in Christchurch NZ!

Avid is a proud supporter of this group that was created by passionate owners for people who care about their cars, and want to share them with other like-minded owners in a relax social environment.

With a casual format of monthly gatherings and/or drives on the last Sunday of the month, you can share your Classic, Performance and Supercar ownership passion with others over a coffee and a chat. You will also you will have priority invitations to larger events will be held throughout the year, which are arranged and hosted by Avid.

We fundraise regularly for local charity groups and ensure we give back as much as we can to others. We look forward to meeting you and your car at our next gathering.

Would you like to join the group?

Please request to join the Canterbury Automobilist Group Facebook page for updates on the next meetup and drive events, and to become part of our community. You can also follow the group on Instagram @automobilistgroup to stay up to date and see photos from the gatherings.