We stock the original & the only permanent REAL raised rubber lettering from TredWear. All rubber is made and cut in-house in the USA. TredWear have worked hard since their beginning in 2008 to ensure they have the best product on the market. So you can be assured of the quality and when applied with their patented adhesive that bonds the rubber to the tyre side wall in seconds.

TredWear had its start in the USA back 2008. The real trick was to find material that will not turn brown and an adhesive that would bond properly to such a dynamic surface. After three and a half years of research (and thousands of kilometres of testing!), they created a product which has the perfect combination of rubber and adhesive to add white letters to your tyre. TredWear did most of the testing over the road on large trucks, since they experience the most extreme pounding. Sales began in 2010 and they have been growing ever since. The end result is a solution easy to use and install, while lasting the life of most tyres. After millions of kilometres and years of testing, TredWear have developed the finest materials allowing us to permanently adhere tyre letters to your tyre sidewall.

The material that is used is a dual, vulcanised, patented material which is one millimetre thick and soft enough to move and flex with your tyre sidewall, and at the same time tough enough to withstand the stress of the harshest conditions. The most important part about this material is that it does not soak up any tyre residue allowing the material to stay nice and bright for the life of your tyre, unlike other materials that turn brown and yellow over time. The material is cut using the latest in water jet technology allowing us to achieve precise detail and measurements. Because of this, TredWear provides you with the highest quality available on the market today. TredWear's patented adhesive is used to permanently adhere the tyre letters to your tyre sidewall. It is formulated to create a bond that is strong enough to last the life of your tyre under the most extreme conditions yet soft enough to flex and move with the tyre sidewall.

TredWear Logo


TredWear's raised white tyre letters allow you to turn any black wall tyre into a real raised white letter tyre. Never again will you have to struggle with tyre paint pens and tyre markers. Make your own white letter tyres using their real rubber raised white letter tyre kits. They adhere permanently to the sidewall of your tyre in seconds. White tyre paint pens cannot compare to the performance of our real rubber letters. Whether you are trying to shout about your favourite sports team, advertise a business, or add a nostalgic look to your ride, TredWear offers the ultimate answer. Try a set today on your sports car and create your own low profile white letter tyres, or add a visual POP to your motorcycle that will turn heads. But whatever you do, don’t let your tyres go around naked!

TredWear Race Font Letters

Make your tyres your own with our TredWear Race Font Letters. These letters allow you to create your very own custom Tyre Letter Kit or personalised message for any tyre. Each letter is sold individually so you can spell out any word or phrase you want, and they are available in a range of sizes and colours. Race Font letters are curved to match your tyre for that perfect fit.

TredWear Designer Series Kits

Help your tyres stand out by kitting them out with one of TredWear’s Designer Series Kits. Choose from a range of your favourite tyre brands to enhance the look of your tyres. Designer Series Kits replicate the logos of tyre letter brands to achieve high quality results and are perfect for any vehicle.

TredWear Tracer Stripes

Our Saw Blades and Tracer Stripes are the perfect addition to any tyre. Purchase in sets of 4 and apply them on their own, or with tyre letters, for a visual enhancement to your tyres, especially while they are moving. They are available in a range of colours so you can find the perfect fit for your vehicle.

TredWear Whitewalls

Now you can have that wall look on any tyre. Our TredWear Wall Kits permanently adhere to the wall on the outside of your tyres. Choose from a range of sizes to give your tyres that factory finished appearance and take back the past with a modern flair! 

Become a TredWear Dealer

Avid is the official distributor of TredWear for NZ & AUS. We are taking enquiries from businesses about becoming a TredWear stockist and/or an installer within New Zealand & Australia. If you would like to add the TredWear brand to your business, please contact us for further information.