Avid Showroom

The Avid Group vision is to provide the best quality car detailing and create a hub for the Christchurch and wider New Zealand motoring community. Our purpose built premises at 59 Harman Street was designed and built with that in mind. We wanted to provide the car community with not just a place for their car to be cared for, but a hub where likeminded enthusiasts can come along, catch up, chill out and just enjoy the company of fellow enthusiasts. We are more than happy for owners and enthusiasts to hang out in the lounge while their cars get worked on in the workshop and enjoy a coffee while they wait. Alongside the building being a fully functioning automotive detailing workshop, we wanted to create a showroom space with a customer lounge, retail zone, our office area, and a boardroom all in one open space so that staff, customers, and car enthusiasts can come together. 

The design vision for the showroom space and customer lounge was to play off the vibe of a vintage and luxury gentleman’s lounge with whisky & cigars, leather furniture, and vintage motoring memorabilia. Deep warm colour tones, mixed with leather, steel and dark stained wood all working together to create an inviting and comfortable space to hang out in. Every detail within the space was thought about and done for a reason, right down to the motoring photographs and wall artwork, to the ‘British Racing Green’ paint colour and small vintage motoring accessories scattered within the space. Our whole team was on the same page when it came to the design vision and feel, which allowed the space to come together and become a space we are happy with.

Retail Image


Our retail shelving was designed in collaboration with Metalcraft Engineering, to tie in with the design vision of our showroom space and those pieces were manufactured for us out of their Christchurch workshop. The brands and products that are housed within these shelves are tried and tested by us to ensure its high quality and to make sure they complement the Avid brand and the services we offer.
Customer Lounge Image


Designed with the help of McKenzie & Willis our customer lounge features cosy yet stylish pieces from the beautiful Halo range. Our customer lounge has been thoughtfully designed with our customers in mind, the luxurious leather sofa and armchairs are the perfect place for our customers to relax with a coffee and magazine while we work hard on their vehicles to make them look exceptional.
Memorabilia Image


A curated collection of motoring memorabilia is displayed on the walls and throughout our showroom space to encapsulate the vintage design theme. The selection of Porsche prints, Pebble Beach illustrations and NZ Rugby jerseys get rotated around to change up the space, while a replica Porsche RSR race car and vintage motorcycles from Brent Jones’ collection sit proudly on display as pieces of NZ racing history.
Boardroom Image


Every office needs an area where meetings take place, and the deals get done. Our boardroom was designed to be a practical and private space for us and our customers, featuring a large boardroom table and extra office storage. While the room is mostly practical we have still brought the design elements through with vintage leather look chairs and motoring memorabilia on display.
EV Charger Image


With the rise of EV vehicles, installing EV chargers on our premises was a no brainer. These EV chargers by Power Electronics were one of the first of their kind in NZ when they were installed in September 2020. Featuring Smart Power Balance technology that allows for charging at different power levels, these chargers are fast and efficient and suitable for type 2 EVs.
Main Space Image


Big enough to comfortably fit two cars on display, the main space of our showroom is versatile and ever changing. This open area allows us to store customer vehicles to let them settle in a warm environment before final handover and reveal. With large sliding doors that open up to the outside this main showroom area is also the perfect space to host events and parties, which we do on a regular basis.


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Avid Showroom
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