James Walker, aka MrJWW, is a content creator who crafts YouTube videos for his own channels and works closely with the largest brands in the industry to innovate fresh content for their platforms. Starting his YouTube journey in 2015, with no audience and just an iPhone for a camera, his channel has since attracted 160 million views and is part of a global social audience of over 1.5 million in 2021. MrJWW gained traction in the automotive world through his production of unique and compelling content, sharing an exclusive insight into the incredible world of luxury supercars and the aspirational lifestyle that comes with them.

While James is the face in front of the camera, his business partner Darren is the architect of commercial operations behind the company. Darren has over 30 years of industry-leading business experience, creating, managing, and developing a successful and diverse portfolio of enterprises; the investments and experience Darren brings to the brand is invaluable. Together they have built a brand that is creating a seamless association between automotive and luxury.

In 2021, the team at MrJWW developed and launched their first range of sunglasses with 7 truly engineered glasses with a unique design identity. “Engineering For Your Eyes” these sunglasses have been exclusively designed by MrJWW with each one of the seven styles being named after some of James' favourite driving routes and roads that he has shared on his channel over the years. While some of the new styles are believed to be a world-first in eyewear, all of the MrJWW sunglasses are styles for all seasons.

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This style is named after the town of Estoril in Portugal which is home to one of the most iconic racing circuits in the world and one of the most picturesque coastal roads in Europe. The Estoril’s matt navy finish with gold flash lenses, matching temple strakes, and end pieces embody the glamour of Estoril's automotive heritage.


Named after the Col de Turini, a high mountain road in the Alpes-Maritimes of France, which features every year in the Monte Carlo Rally, this is a timeless style designed to be worn on any occasion. With matt black on silver accents, the classic round-eye style with silver flash lenses and end piece detailing provides an ideal 'daily driver' pair of sunglasses.


Striking a balance between aviator and round-eye, Topanga embodies the classic combination of tortoiseshell effect frames with a lightly tinted green lens. A touch of gold on the edge of the arms completes the vintage look, this style is named after Topanga Canyon, Malibu - one of the greatest driving roads to cut through the mountains above Los Angeles.


This style was inspired by the UAE’s most famous mountain road; Jebel Jais in Ras Al Khaimah, where MrJWW recorded his earlier supercar adventures. The silver end piece accents complement the removable metal side shields perfectly, leaving a striking impression.


The Larvotto tunnel forming part of the Monaco race circuit passes beneath the famous Fairmont hotel is possibly the most iconic tunnel in all of motorsport. Echoing the darkness of the underpass, the Larvotto matte black frames and smoky lenses with matching black temple strakes make for a stealth finish.

La Turbie

Inspired by a favourite road of MrJWW that winds out of Monaco, high up in to the mountains overlooking the principality. An original playground for Cary Grant and Grace Kelly, La Turbie sunglasses echo the classic wayfarer style with a minimalistic matte black finish. The style is perfect for travellers seeking a timeless look and a clean finish.


The Tuscana sunglasses by JWW take their name from the stunning driving roads of the Tuscan wine regions. A classic wayfarer style in a timeless tortoiseshell effect finish Tuscana is perfect for drivers who value tradition with a contemporary twist.